An example of why you should not bother stealing my code…

What the hell is spinny!!! lol Okay so i know what spinny is but why on earth did i decide to call it that? It’s fun looking back at my code

< % ‘write all session data
dim spinny
For Each spinny in Session.Contents
Response.Write(spinny & “-” & session.Contents(spinny) & ” “)

response.Write(” “)

Publisher on steroids!

I have been trying to create some brochures for work recently and have been using an assortment of tools for the job. Not being a graphics designer my approach is somewhat trial and error often resulting in complete restarts of the work. One person suggested that I use InDesign instead of publisher as it is a more powerful tool.
So i downloaded a trial from Adobe and set to work using it….
I have been taken back to the days of photoshop 5 when i first fire the program up and immediately close it again as i don’t have a clue where to start.

Arghhh where do i go to add an image?

Help!! I hope it’s not going to take me four versions like it did with photoshop for me to become competent on the system…

Cheap ass metal case

God Dammit, bloody case, sliced right into my finger and i didn’t even notice until red stuff started appearing on everything i touched.
“whats all this red stuff?” I thought to myself, rubbing the spot only to find more appearing
“oh shit it’s blood. It’s my blood…. Cool! Oh shit, brand new cream carpet” Sticks bloody finger in mouth

Coder’s Block

God dammit! I hate it when i can’t get started on a website because of lack of direction, worse though is having too many ideas that are constantly collidng in my head stopping me from getting anything done. I need inpiration. I need method. I need sleep. I need a code monkey…