Google Maps Mobile

Just got my new PDA for work and was messing around with it and came across this little article about using google maps with it’s built in sat nav. Have to say it works a treat – just need to work out a way to cache all the maps on a memory card so that i can use it in areas with low data transfer rates.

google maps mobile

might post a review of the pda compared to my old one later…

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An example of why you should not bother stealing my code…

What the hell is spinny!!! lol Okay so i know what spinny is but why on earth did i decide to call it that? It’s fun looking back at my code

< % ‘write all session data
dim spinny
For Each spinny in Session.Contents
Response.Write(spinny & “-” & session.Contents(spinny) & ” “)

response.Write(” “)

Portrait Photography

Today I took a break from the world of Sys admin to become a portrait photographer by the application of the “you have the most expensive camera therefore you must be astounding at taking pictures” formula. Pfftt little do these people know that when it comes to tech, an empty credit card, a spare few minutes of idle bandwidth and a small degree of interest on my part that i am sold! Especially if it is shiny or has lights. So because i bought a 350D a year ago to replace my old eos camera (that failed me in Rome, fucking thing) i suddenly gained a wealth of knowledge in taking portraits – haha.
Here goes my epic journey….

It started off okay, went bad, i started sweating, people started complaining that they had double chins (like i had anything to do with that?!), the light became poo, people complained, i sweated some more, the light got good and everyone went to lunch, they came back and i shot some more in a less “Austin Powers Yeah Baby” style and more of a “think about what your doing” style, pictures got better, chins got smaller, i stopped sweating and the universe started spinning the right way again (not really).

So what have i learnt about portrait photos?

  • Stand far from your subject and zoom in, it relaxes them (and makes you a harder target to throw things at).
  • Use a tripod if you can.
  • Shoot at their height (not on stairs).
  • Circular polarisers really do get rid of glasses glare.
  • And i think the most important one is not to let them see your shots until you have gone through them and weeded out the crap ones (cause if your gonna be crap, at least you can hide how crap you are).

Publisher on steroids!

I have been trying to create some brochures for work recently and have been using an assortment of tools for the job. Not being a graphics designer my approach is somewhat trial and error often resulting in complete restarts of the work. One person suggested that I use InDesign instead of publisher as it is a more powerful tool.
So i downloaded a trial from Adobe and set to work using it….
I have been taken back to the days of photoshop 5 when i first fire the program up and immediately close it again as i don’t have a clue where to start.

Arghhh where do i go to add an image?

Help!! I hope it’s not going to take me four versions like it did with photoshop for me to become competent on the system…

Cheap ass metal case

God Dammit, bloody case, sliced right into my finger and i didn’t even notice until red stuff started appearing on everything i touched.
“whats all this red stuff?” I thought to myself, rubbing the spot only to find more appearing
“oh shit it’s blood. It’s my blood…. Cool! Oh shit, brand new cream carpet” Sticks bloody finger in mouth

Coder’s Block

God dammit! I hate it when i can’t get started on a website because of lack of direction, worse though is having too many ideas that are constantly collidng in my head stopping me from getting anything done. I need inpiration. I need method. I need sleep. I need a code monkey…