Increasing your site exposure through WordPress Ping Lists

There is no use writing great content if no one knows that it is published. One way of increasing your wordpress site’s exposure is to edit the ping list.

When you publish a post in wordpress, it has the ability to send out a notification to multiple websites designed to track and aggregate posts.The sites that it notifies are stored in the Ping List

By default wordpress has only one entry in the list: which means that you are only notifying one site of your update.

The theory is that by adding to the list you can notify more sites and thus increase your chances of exposure.

A bit of research and i came across a post on  Vladimir Prelovac Site that has a decent list:

To use this list you need to log into your wordpress admin panel, go to Settings > Writing and then scroll down to Update Services. Copy and paste the list into the box and then click Save Changes

There are more extensive lists out there and i recommend tweaking this list based on the content of your site, however tempting what you don’t want to do is drop a massive list into there as no one likes a spammer and quality is always better than quanitiy!

Edit Sharepoint sites for free!

A bit late but still worth a post, Microsoft has announced (in April 2009) that Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007 is now free!
Go over to SharePoint Designer 2007 Download to get your free copy.

For those who don’t know much about SharePoint Designer, here is an excerpt from Microsoft:

Build solutions faster to enhance team productivity and efficiency

Use Office SharePoint Designer 2007 to create and deploy interactive solutions on the SharePoint platform, without having to write code.

  • Automate business processes such as document approval, custom event notification, and other collaboration tasks with the Workflow Designer.
  • Create reporting and tracking applications using data views and forms to easily gather and aggregate data from outside your site and from SharePoint lists and document libraries on the Web site.
  • Get started fast with pre-built Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services Application Templates, which are fully customizable and extensible using Office SharePoint Designer 2007.
  • Extend your solutions by building advanced interactive Microsoft ASP.NET pages. Insert and edit controls with the same powerful activity menus and control property grid previously found only in development tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.

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Google Chrome – Google joins the browser race

Google have joined the web browser race by releasing the beta of their upcoming web browser today: Google Chrome.

Based on open source technology, the browser brings in some new ideas to offer increased robustness and speed such as a task manager for the browser so that you can monitor what sites are hogging your bandwidth, spawing a new independent process for each tab reducing memory problems and browser hangs and a completely rewritten javascript virtual machine that complies code instead of interpreting it.

I will definately be downloading a copy to try out, who knows it may actually live up to it’s claims!

the Google comic detailing the features can be found here:

Developing an Extranet

One of our clients has been doing a little bit of reading and now wants a web 2.0 site with all the buzz words under the sun!

The original request was something like “Company Extranet/Blog with AJAX driven dynamic content on an open source platform!!” – I suppose a little knowledge IS dangerous. Lol

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Google Maps Mobile

Just got my new PDA for work and was messing around with it and came across this little article about using google maps with it’s built in sat nav. Have to say it works a treat – just need to work out a way to cache all the maps on a memory card so that i can use it in areas with low data transfer rates.

google maps mobile

might post a review of the pda compared to my old one later…

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An example of why you should not bother stealing my code…

What the hell is spinny!!! lol Okay so i know what spinny is but why on earth did i decide to call it that? It’s fun looking back at my code

< % ‘write all session data
dim spinny
For Each spinny in Session.Contents
Response.Write(spinny & “-” & session.Contents(spinny) & ” “)

response.Write(” “)

Site redesign

Well as you may have noticed, i’ve started to redesign my site, it’s taking it time but you can get the feel for it already. It is my first atempt at making a wordpress template and i’m sure if you look at the source code you will see that it is very much hacked. My main concern was to get the photos section up and runing. It is using a flickr plugin by to display my photo sets from my flickr account and also uses lightbox to do the funky image magic.

Things i still need to do are: Commeting and searching , archives, links, the about page and general stylsheet tweaking. Hopefully it shall be done within a few weeks but i’m not gonna set a propper date as i know i won’t keep to it.

Anyway hope you like the new design and keep checking back for more photos 🙂


Internet Explorer 7: Firefox Robbed!!

How about this for cheek!! IE7 is a blatant rip off of firefox, right down to the tabbed browing and the way it colour codes your address bar when you access a secure site. With all the money that M$ has you would think that they could come up with some really innovative features. They should set up a “Wouldn’t it be cool if” division and get a load of people who would use it to tell them what they should put into it.
Internet Explorer 7: Tour of new features

Coder’s Block

God dammit! I hate it when i can’t get started on a website because of lack of direction, worse though is having too many ideas that are constantly collidng in my head stopping me from getting anything done. I need inpiration. I need method. I need sleep. I need a code monkey…