164 Memory Error

Just a quick note about something that has just cropped up: I was upgrading one of the really old machines at work with some PC133 SIMMS i found in another dead machine.

After upgrading the memory, it came up with an 164 Memory Error and wouldn’t boot no further!

Don’t panic though, it is just a bios message that tells you that the memory configuration has changed. All you need to do is restart that machine a few times and it will become happy with it’s new memory!

You can find a list of codes here:


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An example of why you should not bother stealing my code…

What the hell is spinny!!! lol Okay so i know what spinny is but why on earth did i decide to call it that? It’s fun looking back at my code

< % ‘write all session data
dim spinny
For Each spinny in Session.Contents
Response.Write(spinny & “-” & session.Contents(spinny) & ” “)

response.Write(” “)