There is something quite satisfying about using command line to resolve an issue on a remote machine instead of logging into a remote desktop session. Might have to start playing with Linux again…
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WordPress and time managment

Well I have finally gotten round to upgrading wordpress to it’s latest version (2.3.3) and at the same time thought it would be a good time for a change in layout. So for the time being I am using the K2 theme which is still in beta but works very well with some nifty functions like AJAX searching and stuffs. You can find out more at http://getk2.com/

The upgrade kinda came along through a site that I am creating for work at the moment that is going to run on a wordpress and bbress combination. I’ve never tried integrating the two before but am always after a challenge but however this time I have also managed to put myself under a lot of pressure by having to not only create a layout and template for wordpress but also another seamless one for bbpress as well. Oooh deadlines are looming.

Not content on just the one site, I decided that it was time to upgrade my site too, which means a new layout for pljdesigns to add to my list of things to do.

When am I going to get round to implementing the ISA 2006 firewall and VPN, I don’t know. Well at least my feet are warm at work with the heat from my PC and the “soon but quite yet” ISA server idling away under my desk!

Time management I hear you say?…. that or it’s about time I get a minion

Developing an Extranet

One of our clients has been doing a little bit of reading and now wants a web 2.0 site with all the buzz words under the sun!

The original request was something like “Company Extranet/Blog with AJAX driven dynamic content on an open source platform!!” – I suppose a little knowledge IS dangerous. Lol

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Google Maps Mobile

Just got my new PDA for work and was messing around with it and came across this little article about using google maps with it’s built in sat nav. Have to say it works a treat – just need to work out a way to cache all the maps on a memory card so that i can use it in areas with low data transfer rates.


google maps mobile

might post a review of the pda compared to my old one later…

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Baby got new shoes

Old wheelsIMG_6094

After fixing the heater matrix that has been broken for far too long, I thought that i would treat my baby to a set of new shoes. She now has a nice set of black 18’s with stainless steel rims.

Oh Yeah!!

Well Prague is now booked 🙂 at an incredible rate of just £140 for 3 of us!! So i expect more Desparados, hot Canadian waitresses in an Irish bar?! and maybe even some crazy Germans who like “hubbly bubbly” Really made my day as last year the flights were £80 each. I cannot wait.

*does little dance around room*

*sits down*

*gets up and dances again*

On another note, George Foreman is the shit!! Well his lean mean fat reducing grilling machine is anyway, chicken tastes goooood all crispy on the outside and soft on the inside….Armadillos!! (sorry couldn’t help it)

ooohh and i got a new tattoo – that’s all I’m saying 😛

A few pictures from last year in Prague:



I think working in an office is ageing me prematurely
I’m only 23!!


1. You leave clubs before the end to ‘beat the rush’. (worst still you don’t go to the clubs)
2. You get more excited about having a roast on a Sunday than going clubbing the night before.
3. You stop dreaming of becoming a professional footballer / basketball player and start dreaming of having a son who might instead.
4. Before throwing the local paper away, you look through the property section.
5. All of a sudden, middle aged people are not 46, they are only 46.
6. Before going out anywhere, you ask whether there is anywhere to park.
7. Rather than throw a knackered pair of trainers out, you keep them because they’ll be alright for the DIY or in the garden.
8. You buy T-shirts without anything written on them.
9. Instead of laughing at the innovations catalogue that falls out of the newspaper,you suddenly see both the benefit and money saving properties of most of the things that are in it.
10. You start to worry about your parents’ health.
11. You have more disposable income, but everything you want or need to buy cost between 200 and 500 quid.
12. You don’t get funny looks when you buy a Disneyvideo or a Wallace And Gromit bubble bath,as the sales assistant assumes they are for your children.
13. Pop music all starts to sound the same.
14. You opt for Pizza Express over Pizza Hut because they do a really nice half-bottle of house red.
15. You always have enough milk in.
16. To compensate for the fact that you have little desire to go clubbing, you instead frequent trendy bars and restaurants in the mistaken belief that you have not turned into your parents.
17. While flicking through the TV channels, you happen upon C4’s Time Team with TonyRobinson. You get drawn in. Grand designs also appeals.
18. The benefits of a pension scheme become clear.
19. You go out of your way to pick up a colour chart from B&Q.
20. You wish you had a shed.
21. You have a shed.
22. You actually find yourself saying ‘They don’t make ’em like that anymore’ and ‘I remember when there were only 4 TV channels’ and ‘Not in my day….’
23. Radio 2 play more songs you know than Radio 1 – and Jeremy Vine has some really interesting guests on.
24. Instead of tutting at old people who take ages to get off the bus, You tut at rowdy school children.
25. When sitting outside a pub you admire their hanging baskets.
26. You find yourself saying ‘is it cold in here or is it just me
27. You understand the above and forward it to your fellow ageing friends.