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by padd

Hi, I’m Padd, thanks for stopping by!

I started blogging in 2004 and the first version pljdesigns.co.uk was just a place to put my thoughts and ideas (and wow was I borderline emo at times!). It started out as hand coded php and then moved to wordpress.

Slowly through the years and different versions the aim of the site changed and has now settled as a repository of tips and tricks and ways to solve random obscure tech problems that I have come across during my time in the industry.

You know, the kind that you spend hours trawling support forums and pages for a solution, going 5 pages deep on the search results to find the answer only and still have to hack it up to get it to work!

You can find me on LinkedIn at
https://www.linkedin.com/in/patricklouisjean and on twitter as @monkey_padd

– Padd