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How to install iSUT on HPE Gen 10 ProLiant VMWare Servers

by padd

In order to centrally update drivers and firmware on HPE ProLiant servers, HPE provides a tool called the Support Pack for ProLiant Servers (SPP) and the Smart Update Manager (SUM). This solution makes it really easy to get all of your HPE servers up to the same level of patching and firmware with very minimal hassle. For Windows Servers at least…

If you want to manage an estate of ProLiant Gen 10 servers running VMWare ESXi remotely you need to use a combination of Integrated Lights Out (iLO), the HPE Support Pack for ProLiant (SPP), Smart Update Manager (SUM) and the Integrated Smart Update Tools (iSUT)!

Don’t worry though, it isn’t as bad as it seems.


Preparing the Servers with iSUT

  1. Download the latest version of iSUT for your version of ESXi (I used Integrated Smart Update Tools 2.5.0 for ESXi 6.7 – cp038233)
  2. Extract the contents of the downloaded zip file to a temp location
  3. There should be a file named something like “sut-esxi6.7-offline-bundle-” where numbers will correspond to the version you downloaded. Locate the file and then upload it to a temp location using WinSCP on each of your ESXi hosts such as /tmp
  4. SSH onto each host and navigate to the temp directory and run the following command:
esxcli software vib install -d /tmp/sut-esxi6.7-offline-bundle- 
  1. Once completed put the server into maintenance mode, migrate any running VMs and reboot the server
  2. Once the server has rebooted, run the following to check for completion
sut -status
  1. All being well, you should get an output similar to below
  1. Now you need to choose your deployment method for iSUT, you have the option of:
    Set the mode by issuing the following command “sut -set mode=[Chosen Deployment Mode]” because we are trying to centrally manage systems, it makes sense to choose the option that reboots and applies the patches for us.
sut -set mode=AutodeployReboot

Running the Support Pack for ProLiant Servers (SPP) and Smart Update Manager (SUM)

  1. Download the software from https://support.hpe.com/hpesc/public/km/search#q=SPP
  2. Extract the contents of the ISO to a folder such as c:\HPSUM or just mount the iso
  3. Run “launch_sum.bat” from the extracted/mounted file. This will launch a command prompt that starts the software. In turn this will then open your default web browser and present you with the SUM welcome screen
HPE SUM: Welcome to Smart Update Manager
  1. Next, we have to add all of our nodes, so click on Nodes
  2. Click Add Nodes
  3. Enter IP Address of the iLo interface for the Server
  4. Give it a Description
  5. Select the Node type as iLO
  6. Enter the iLo username and Password
  7. Hit Add
  1. You will be taken to another page showing the progress of the Discovery
HPE SUM: Discovery in Progress
  1. Once the server has been discovered you will be prompted to inventory the system. Click Inventory
HPE SUM: Ready to run inventory
  1. On the inventory popup Choose the latest baseline from the baseline tab and then click inventory
  1. After the invetory has complete you will be presented with an option to review and deploy updates. Click on the link to see what is available
  1. Review the listed items, choose the reboot options from the Reboot Options Tab and then click Deploy
Review and select which updates you require
Change the reboot options so that the server will reboot after the updates
  1. You will now get status messages as the system uploads compnents to the iLo Repository, installing as it goes along. Please be patient as this can take some time depending on how many items have been selected. To see the overall progress you can click the “Live Log” Button
  1. Once the deployment is complete, the system may ask you for a reboot
  2. Once rebooted, rerun the inventory to see if everything has been installed. Hopefully, you will get the following message stating that the Node is at it’s assigned baseline.

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