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XenServer 5.6 Feature Pack 1 Beta Release

by padd


I have just received an email from Citrix detailing the new beta of XenServer. Citrix are naming it XenServer 5.6 Feature Pack 1 Beta and it can be downloaded via myCitrix. The two things that jump out at me are Virtual Switches and scheduled snapshots. I will certainly be trying out this when i get some spare time.

Email below:

New XenServer Beta Release!

Evaluate the latest XenServer features

Citrix is pleased to announce the availability of a new beta release for the XenServer virtual platform. The beta is available to all registered MyCitrix account holders and we encourage everyone to download, install, and experience the latest features in development.

The beta showcases several new features including:

  • Integrated, open virtual switch improves packet processing and provides greater visibility to the networking layer.
  • Distributed virtual switching provides an aggregate management interface to control network configurations across XenServer hosts.
  • VM protection & recovery for configuring scheduled snapshots and export of virtual machines.
  • Web self-service portal allows access to delegated VMs via a simple to use web-based portal.
  • XenDesktop performance improvements further enhance the best-in-class performance for XenDesktop running on XenServer.

Download the XenServer beta now.

Visit the beta program page for more details.

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