Updates, well more like a backdate…

Okay so i got bored with my old orange and black theme that i had on the site so needed a quick change with an idea of making my own theme in the nearest future. Well as all best plans go, i got side tracked and have stayed with this current theme (Officelog) but this weekend is/should be/was the weekend where i get down and sort it all out.

Looking for inspiration i thought it would be good to try and look at my past designs. As i have had a few harddrive failures in the past, unfortunately i have not got them on disk so i fired up the old wayback engine (http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.pljdesigns.co.uk) to see what i could find.

It came up with a few layouts but they were not quite right with missing images and skewed layouts but what it did do is show me the posts from the time the archive was made which got me thinking… my old site was running on a very simple blogging software which i used before i jumped to wordpress.

The question arose, “Do i still have the backend to that site?” As i haven’t moved servers and generally don’t mess with MySQL there was a good chance that the posts were there in some way or form. I fired up my control panel and logged onto myphpadmin and took a look. Lo and behold there was the original database – all two tables!!

What I have done is copy all of the posts from my old blog into this one, along with all the time stamps etc. unfortunately I have not done the comments as i got bored (and was supposed t be redesigning the site anyway)

I now have entries from 2004 -2005 which includes my very first post. It’s funny looking back and remembering the setting and reason around each post.

Enough side tracking…. 😛

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