Developing an Extranet

One of our clients has been doing a little bit of reading and now wants a web 2.0 site with all the buzz words under the sun!

The original request was something like “Company Extranet/Blog with AJAX driven dynamic content on an open source platform!!” – I suppose a little knowledge IS dangerous. Lol

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2 Replies to “Developing an Extranet”

  1. Oh dear dear me, I hate it when clients say, “I wish to develop a Web 2.0 Solution” No offence but what the hell is Web 2.0, Its a frickin buzz word. I hate it, In my opinion, that word should be drown in the larva from the highest volcanoe! What he/she should have said is, Im after a Website that meets the standards of the W3C, and that it needs to be developed in a professional manor with the users intrest in mind. Not “Web 2.0” What aload of crock that word is, and I bet they dont even know what AJAX does! Lol!

    Good luck pleasing that one mate! They’ve obviously just read some crap that some wanker has posted making out that if you don’t have a 2.0 website or AJAX then you may as well pack up your bags and walk!

    Anyways, If every web designer was like me, then they should have been using “W3C” for at least 4 years now… Its obvious that there are a shed load of monkeys still out there and ripping peoples money right out of there own damn pockets!


  2. LOL, I love the closing rant tag there!!
    One to also throw into the volcano is Extranet – or should i say the misuse of the word when what you really want is a web site with member only sections. By some people’s definitions DG could be an extranet!!

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