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Site redesign

by padd

Well as you may have noticed, i’ve started to redesign my site, it’s taking it time but you can get the feel for it already. It is my first atempt at making a wordpress template and i’m sure if you look at the source code you will see that it is very much hacked. My main concern was to get the photos section up and runing. It is using a flickr plugin by tantannoodles.com to display my photo sets from my flickr account and also uses lightbox to do the funky image magic.

Things i still need to do are: Commeting and searching , archives, links, the about page and general stylsheet tweaking. Hopefully it shall be done within a few weeks but i’m not gonna set a propper date as i know i won’t keep to it.

Anyway hope you like the new design and keep checking back for more photos 🙂


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